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    "The wonderful set by Rob Eastman-Mullins provides all sorts of things for the actors to interact with. It is always raining in the elevator to the underworld. The father uses string and twine suspended from the ceiling to craft a room for Eurydice. Orpheus, played by Andrew Newton with a kind of bouncy youthfulness, lowers one of Eurydice's beloved books down to her through the floor."

- Winston-Salem Journal

As You Like It
     "New Theater's shallow stage has seemed crowded with scenery in past productions, but the spare set by Rob EastmanMullins serves As You Like It well. Pink-tinged columns at the corners and maple-colored walls frame the playing area, and with just a few easily moved benches dappled lighting alone signals the boughs of Arden Forest there's plenty of room for the early wrestling match. Plus, the wall is solid enough to produce a convincing thunk as a wrestler's body bounces off it."

- Total Theater

Just a Kiss

     “Director Ricky J. Martinez and set designer Rob Eastman-Mullins cleverly stage this dual dilemma, splitting New Theatre’s compact platform in two to represent each woman’s apartment and the theater green room with no set changes.”

 - Category 305


     “Annie's and Zee's lifestyles and acting methods couldn't be more different—as made clear by Robert Eastman-Mullins' clever set—“

- Teatro Mundial

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