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disposable lunch bags

These are a few of the disposable lunch bags I've created for my son and daughter. They originated when my son was going on a field trip at school and needed to bring a disposable lunch. The only bag I had was a red gift bag. It started looking SO boring and I decided he just couldn't take that boring, red bag. (I am quite certain that, had I a plain, brown, paper lunch bag, I would not have felt the same way.) So I quickly drew a giant, killer sandwich and blood juice box on it. Then I put a horribly-drawn viper on the back to thwart any would-be lunch thieves. And so it began. They slowly got more complex and eventually out of hand, though I try not to spend too much time on them. We don't save them, other than in photo form, though Ian's teachers have tried from time to time. I like that they are fleeting and destined for the bin, just like theatre productions.

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